A Buckinghamshire charity fears people with learning disabilities will “lose out” under new county council plans to transfer short break services to Aylesbury.

Trustees at the Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS) have outlined who they think the “winners and losers” will be, after Bucks County Council (BCC) consulted on plans to transfer residential short breaks for disabled adults from Seeleys House, in Beaconsfield, to the Aylesbury Opportunities Centre.

The consultation closed on Wednesday, March 13.

BuDS has welcomed the news that nurses will work at the Aylesbury site – as this will allow disabled people with ongoing medical conditions to use the residential service.

However, the charity is concerned this will come at a price – as there will be less beds for adults with severe learning disabilities who do not have a medical condition.

BuDS has now called for BCC to publish its estimates for future demand at the Aylesbury site.

A statement published by the charity said: “BuDS very much welcomes that the new Aylesbury centre will have on-site medical cover from qualified nurses, allowing disabled people with medical conditions to get respite there.

“This is great for Bucks families who have a severely disabled family member with medical conditions, who will now have local access to safe respite beds. But that gain cannot be at the expense of other families who are just as much in need of respite beds for other reasons.”

Ann Hedges, from BuDS, added: “On the information we have so far, it seems to us that many more disabled people, and particularly learning-disabled people, will lose out from the council’s plan.

“Once again, the most vulnerable people in Bucks, and their carers, are being hit.

“This is just one of many changes all happening together, and we are gravely concerned that the cumulative or collective impact is not being measured”.

A spokesman  for BCC said the new service will aim to meet a range of needs “whether they have a learning disability, health issue or both”.

The spokesman said: “The point of the consultation has been for people to tell us what we need to consider in providing this service so their concerns can be addressed.

“BuDs have provided us with some helpful insights into ‘potential’ concerns around our plans to move the service to Aylesbury. These will all be considered as part of the consultation feedback.

“What is important to remember is that we are proposing to invest £3 million in a brand new and enhanced facility for adults [and their carers] with disabilities.

“What we are not proposing is to close the service or close Seeleys Day Centre – and current users of the respite provision are very much intended to be able to access the new unit.

“The new service will be designed to ensure it meets the needs of people living in Buckinghamshire, whether they have a learning disability, health issue or both.”