Rubbish tips across Bucks were “heaving” over the weekend as residents rushed to get rid of waste for free before controversial charges come into force at the beginning of next month.

In January Bucks County Council’s (BCC) cabinet agreed to enforce charges for all non-household waste – such as construction debris – at rubbish tips across the county.

And it appears Bucks residents have been quick to spring clean their homes and gardens before the charges come into force on April 1, with reports of “full” rubbish tips over the weekend.

Speaking during a meeting of BCC’s cabinet this week, environment chief, Bill Chapple, said if the new charges are not enforced then the council would have to look into closing “more than half” of rubbish tips in the county in the face of major budget cuts.

However, he added that the charges “would not make a difference” to 70 per cent of people who use the sites.

He said: “Spring has come rather early this year and the spring clean has affected everybody.

“All of the sites are absolutely full of rubbish, people trying to get in before the charges.

“I am getting regular emails from people saying why have we done this. I try to explain the reasons, if we don’t charge I would be looking at closing over half of our household waste sites, and I don’t want to do that.”

Disposal of tyres, soil, hardcore and rubble, plasterboard, building materials and wood and timber will all have to be paid for from April 1 as part of an overhaul of the service.

Other changes will also come into force – including the closure of Bledlow Ridge recycling centre, while the the Chesham, Burnham and Aylesbury (Rabans Lane) sites will close every Wednesday and Thursday.

The Burnham site is set to close in September, however this may be deferred if other cost-saving measures are effective.

Leader of BCC, Martin Tett, said he visited the Amersham recycling centre at the weekend which was “heaving” as scores of residents rushed to dispose of waste, leading to long queues.

He said: “Both on Saturday and Sunday the Amersham household waste recycling centre was absolutely heaving with people and the amount of wood that was being brought out from sheds and garages was incredible.

“I am sure this isn’t a normal pattern. White vans were turning up chocka -block with stuff so it looks like word is getting around about this and there are lots of clear outs going on of sheds and gardens.”

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