A man who had all his belongings including his dream car stolen during a trip to the leisure centre has spoken of his distress.

Matthew Urch, 29, went to Amersham Leisure Centre with his fiancé Gary for a swim on Saturday (March 23) after going shopping for Mother’s Day presents, saying it “ended up being a day of hell”.

Mr Urch, from Great Missenden, said the pair arrived at the leisure centre shortly before 2.30pm and enjoyed a swim before going back to collect their belongings from the lockers.

He said: “Upon our return however, found that not only had our locker been broken into, but two of the supposed secure lockers were ransacked and emptied.

“Our hearts sank as we rushed to the Leisure Center reception, hoping that our Rucksack containing not only our clothes, but our mobile phones, wallets and car keys had been handed in by a decent member of the public, only to find that these had been stolen, from the very lockers meant to store your possessions safely.

“The real heart sinker came to light when we’d come to the realization that not only had our bag been stolen, containing all of our worldly possessions, but that my dream car, the Audi TT convertible, that I had been saving up for over a period of 10 years for had been stolen underneath our very noses.”

The pair’s engagement rings were also taken, with Mr Urch saying the CCTV inside the leisure centre was located “just shy” of where his car was parked, and claims the CCTV in the car park does not work.

He added: “We were now not only out of pocket but everything we had ever owned had been instantaneously removed from our lives.”

Police said they were called to “a property” in Chiltern Avenue at 4.08pm on Saturday to reports of a theft of a motor vehicle as well as a number of other items.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting 43190089039.