A major £3.4 million flood management scheme has been unveiled for Chesham’s historic old town in a bid to protect homes from flash flooding.

More than 130 homes, businesses and a school in the Church Street area of Pednormead End are “at risk” from flooding due to excessive surface water and the nearby River Chess - which bursts its banks during heavy downpours.

Now Bucks County Council (BCC) has drawn up a management scheme to alleviate any potential future damage caused by extreme weather, including building a bigger culvert under Church Street and offering every home at risk a package of flood prevention measures.

Packages would be tailored to the needs of individual properties and could include flood-resistant doors and ventilation covers, pumping systems, flood gates and raising internal electrics above flood levels.

Residents have been urged to sign up to the scheme – with installation of individual packages paid for by the council, however the responsibility for maintenance will be passed on to the homeowner.

A drop-in information session will be held to provide more information to residents – however a date is yet to be confirmed.

Chesham has been blighted by floods three times in the past 18 years – with the last in 2014 when roads were covered in two inches of water.

Cabinet member for planning and environment at BCC, Bill Chapple, said: “This scheme is good news for everyone in the Pednormead End area.

"We're unlikely to get this level of financial support again, and its success in protecting properties depends so much on residents' involvement, so I'm urging them to meet us so we get a 100% take-up."

Storing excess water in man-made ponds upstream, enlarging river channels downstream and changes to road drainage were among the options investigated, however the culvert and individual property packages are the “best solution” according to Cllr Chapple.

He added: “This was the most economic and viable solution, which would not only improve drainage and flood nuisance on the roads, but also prioritise the health and well-being of our residents."

BCC will pay £2 million towards the cost of the defences while the Government and Tames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee will contribute £1.45 million.