A new consultation website has been set up for South Bucks residents wishing to find out more about the new controversial Wilton Park development at the former Ministry of Defence site in Beaconsfield.

Developers Inland Homes have announced the new consultation website, www.newwiltonpark.com, which includes a FAQ’s section aimed at providing a response to residents “questions and queries that need answering.”

Last month, the Beaconsfield Society criticised the planned development, saying that “better local engagement and inclusion plan needs to be developed”.

The society also called for “common sense in developing a countywide plan for housing, as impacts of these magnitudes need a more strategic view than a district council can give.

“And should that council not be in existence when the plan is due for delivery, there is no one accountable should the plan prove a failure.”

The developers hope the new site can provide answers about the delivery of the Relief Road, the planned new community facilities, the London End roundabout or the amount of affordable homes that will be available if the new site is developed.