A mother was found dead by her son after she was reported missing by her concerned children, an inquest heard this week.

Valerie Marie Bowman was found hanged on September 7, 2018, after parking up in a layby along to A413 in Amersham.

Mrs Bowman, 70, had last been seen by her children at a birthday party in Ruislip on September 2 last year and she was said to have been in good “spirits” and laughing with her family.

She was reported missing on September 6, after disappearing the day before. She had sent a text to each of her children on September 5 saying that she loved them.

She was seen early on September 7 by Joanna Woolcott, who worked at a burger van in a layby along the A413.

When Ms Woolcott arrived for work at 6.45am she noticed a woman sleeping in her car.

The inquest heard she remained in the layby for the duration of Ms Woolcott’s shift.

Later that day, Mrs Bowman’s son was looking for his mum, when he noticed a Peugeot 308 in the layby - which he recognised as his mother’s car by the registration plate.

Her body was discovered shortly afterwards near the layby.

At an inquest at Buckinghamshire Coroner’s Court on Wednesday, senior coroner Crispin Butler ruled the death as suicide and said there was no evidence of third-party involvement.

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