A Wycombe based charity is looking to provide education and guidance for more youngsters to avoid them getting drawn into a life of crime and violence.

Wycombe Youth Action work with youngsters from across the local area, providing guidance in the topics of grooming, child sexual exploitation, radicalisation and specifically knife crime.

By providing alternative ways in which youngsters can spend their time, through the group are hoping that youngsters will proactively look to explore talents and passions to develop life skills.

The group are funded by the government and believe that further investment in services such as Wycombe Youth Action could be pivotal in stemming the tide of the knife crime epidemic the country has seen over the last few years.

One of the projects workers, Kwakz, says his own experiences whilst growing up have made him determined to help youngsters pursue a future free of any form of crime.

“If you go through the country from corner to corner, you are going to see deprived young people either taking advantages of opportunities or trying to avoid it.

“A lot of kids do not understand the real impact of a certain lifestyle which has been glamourized through social media and some forms of music. Kids at school are idolising people who have committed crimes, even when they have not committed any crimes themselves.

“There are only two ends to the journey in that life. You either end up dead or in jail.”

To find out more about the latest events and projects being hosted by Wycombe Youth Action, follow @wycyouthaction on Twitter.