Drivers who left their cars near a popular Marlow park were shocked when they were slapped fines over the past month – despite seemingly following parking instructions on a temporary sign nearby.

People parking in the High Street near Higginson Park took to social media to air their frustration over “unclear” signs issued by Bucks County Council by a parking bay.

The sign states that one space in the bay along the High Street would be suspended for six months from March 4 to September 3 this year.

However, residents were left feeling frustrated when they were given a penalty notice, even though they steered clear of the parking space directly in front of the sign.

One concerned onlooker posted on social media, stating: “The sign isn’t obvious when you are parking. I’m not sure why the space has been suspended, but has been for six months.

“I work across the road and I see at least four cars a day with a ticket.”

Another Facebook user said her friend had her parking ticket overturned after parking in the bay.

She said: “Please appeal and don’t pay. Every time I go past there are still people parking there who have got tickets.

“The person dealing with her case was also surprised that the signage is still there and that people are still getting tickets.”

A spokesman for Transport for Bucks said that the bay was originally marked out with cones to show residents where they could park – however the suspension has now been removed.

Anyone who received a PCN after the cones were removed is advised to appeal their fine.

Spokesman, Florence Matthews, said: “Whilst the parking suspension was in place, it was marked out by cones to reinforce the exact location.

“The works have now been completed and the suspension has been removed. We would advise that any PCNs issued after the cones had been removed are appealed and TfB will investigate them.”