This week we have delved into our archives for scenes of days gone by in Marlow. 

It's changed a lot over the years - but do you know what some of the well-known buildings used to be? 

Here's a look back in time at Marlow High Street.

Looking north-west, view of a small crowd of mainly children watching what appears to be the assembly of the local Hunt in the Market Sq, High St, Marlow. c 1895. The scene looks remarkably similar 124 years later - the only difference is children would not be seen in the same place in the street anymore due to the increase in motor vehicles, and The Crown Hotel is no longer. 

This first picture is looking south from just north of The Chequers Hotel, a view of both sides of the street, which is free of motor vehicles, High St, Marlow. 1920s. The High Street is now not only laden with motor vehicles, a lot of the shops have also changed over the years. Archive pictures courtesy of

Looking north, view of both sides of the whole length of the street, with The End House prominent on the corner with Pound Lane, High St, Marlow. c 1935. The End House is still prominent on the Pound Lane Corner and there is now a double mini-roundabout splitting up the different roads.