TWO cash machines that were destroyed in an attack earlier this year still haven't been fixed - and the same wreckage is still lying around four months later.

The ATMs at Tesco in Loudwater were badly vandalised in January and bosses said they would fix them 'as soon as possible'.

Bucks Free Press:

Vandals sprayed the machines with black paint and smashed one of them up, leaving receipts and broken plastic left scattered on the floor.

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But that same chunk of broken plastic is still lying on the floor in the same spot almost four months later.

Bucks Free Press:

Bucks Free Press:

And the mangled remains of the broken machine are still dangling from the wall.

This is despite Tesco vowing on January 25 to 'do everything we can to ensure that the ATMs will be available for customers to use as soon as possible'.

This was the scene in January 

Bucks Free Press:

It means that shoppers wanting to take out cash have to walk or drive to McColl's on Station Road.

The Tesco cash machines were run with RBS, which has its logo on the top of the defaced ATM.

The Bucks Free Press has approached Tesco and RBS to ask when the machines will be repaired and reinstated.

Natwestm which owns RBS, said the ownership of the ATMs lies with Tesco.

A NatWest spokesperson said:“We are aware of the issues with these ATMs and will work with Tesco wherever possible to help them restore the ATM service at this location”.

Cash machine attacks across the country have added to general fears over the dwindling number of cash machines in the high streets of towns and villages across the UK.

Consumer group Which? calculated cash machines were closing at a rate of 300 per month.

In 2017 debit card transactions overtook cash payments for the very first time, while an independent review published by Access to Cash earlier this month warned that millions of people who rely on hard currency may be left behind with Britain expected to be completely cashless by 2026 if current trends continue.