I recently hosted a Marlow Society screen presentation at the Liston Hall with a theme of former Marlow shops.

It seemed to go down quite well, although I never claim to be totally competent at public speaking.

However, here are a few other shop pictures that I did not get time to include, and possibly from a slightly more recent era than those featured for the Society.

(The oldest shown at the Liston Hall was before the age of photography - an 1850s print of Marlow’s original Departmental Store in the High Street – John Morgan’s!) The above are all from the camera of Barrie Lea and date from the 1970s.

Top, in the High Street, Prudential Property Services, now the Pizza Express Restaurant, whilst almost opposite was 21st Century Kitchens (who never actually made it into the 21st Century!) and an Estate Agent who I think was Edward Gray; then Fords Electrical (Radio, TV, Hi-Fi, White Goods) one of a group of shops whose Head Office was in Thame.

Adjoining the Kitchen Shop, and the next picture along, was Southern Electricity, alongside Bishop’s Supermarket, who had taken over from Budgens, the latter being one of the town’s first self service provision stores.

Middle row, all three in West Street: Ronald Bailey’s Clock & Watch Shop, The Marlow Bookshelf, and K.D.Spivey Insurance, with, on the left, a part of Sawyers’ Undertakers just visible. Spivey’s is now the Cedar Coffee Shop.

Bottom Row, Pennington’s Dress Shop and Bishop’s Antiques; whilst travelling to the far end of West Street, the former Sir William Borlase’s School Tuck Shop, now a private residence.

Finally, just one picture from Spittal Street: a line of four shops, Upper Cuts Barbers, Watson’s Pharmacy, Laurie Halliday’s Carpets, and Farey’s Clocks and Watches.

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