A breeding pair of swans in Chesham has been savagely injured and killed by a loose dog.

A male swan was the first to have passed away after he was maimed by a dog in Moor Road on Thursday, March 28.

Sadly, the female died days later on April 2 after being bitten.

The pet who inflicted the horrific injuries on the pair is believed to have been called Oscar - but the owner has yet to be identified.

Police and Swan Support, a rescue team dedicated to looking after the birds, were called to help the first injured swan after the attack, which happened at around 8pm.

Describing the first attack, Wendy Hermon, from Swan Support, told the Bucks Free Press: “We have a witness and we know what the dog was called. The dog wasn’t deliberately set onto the swans but if your dog cannot be controlled it’s a big problem.

“We have been doing this for 25 years and the injuries were really horrific. The swan was savaged.”

Days later, the female swan - who was sitting on a nest - also sadly succumbed to her injuries.

Swan Support took to social media to confirm the terrible news.

They said: “It is with great sadness that we have to report that the female swan from Chesham has died due to the injuries she sustained from a dog bite.

“She also suffered severe peritonitis and was in a great deal of pain. Everyone at Swan Support have been left extremely upset by this incident which was caused by an dog not being properly controlled and supervised by the owner.

“This incident should never have happened.

“Many thanks to Paul from Alma Veterinary Hospital for his support during this very sad time.

“Also, many thanks to all the caring people from Chesham who have contacted us regarding this episode, and all those who have kindly donated.

“We are very sorry that you have now lost both of your swans.”