A SOCIAL housing tenant in High Wycombe has been left appalled after her home has been left with significant damage to the walls after a series of 'quick fixes'.

Debbie Hall claims that she has been left with a house that is continually in a state of disrepair, with temporary fixes implemented by contractors working on behalf housing organisation Red Kite to 'cover up' the issues in the building.

Mrs Hall said that whenever these temporary fixes are removed, they increase the damage to her walls, which have only led to further damage being caused to the property.

“I don’t know why they don’t just plaster the whole wall and be done with it. You hear them talking about these landlords that have people living in unfit conditions, but you don’t expect this in 2019.

“It is continual inconvenience. It has been a number of years since my house has been damage free. I just want to keep a nice house, but it is impossible."

A spokesperson for Red Kite Community Housing said: “We are sorry to hear Mrs Hall is experiencing ongoing issues at her home. We have made efforts to rectify these in the past, but not to our customers satisfaction.”

“We are committed to resolving the crack in the wall and are now going to get a roof survey carried out to make sure all possible problems relating to the roof are identified.”