Wycombe High School’s music department made a generous donation to a High Wycombe based homeless charity.

Funds were originally raised at the school’s inaugural Christmas Concert in December, where the school’s performance helped raise a total of £1,103 for Wycombe Homeless Connection.

The charity provide advice and support for those living on the streets, along with providing a night shelter operated by 300 volunteers between January and March each year.

Over the last year, the charity helped over 500 people, three quarters of who were either homeless or at risk of losing their homes.

The donation will help the charity keep their night shelter in operation, help the charity continue to provide free and impartial advice and help those who are struggling to find suitable accommodation.

Speaking at the conclusion of the concert, Wycombe Homeless Connection trustee Mark Dykes said: “You might see people begging in town. Despite appearances, most of them are not homeless. The number who do actually sleep rough is quite small – but they are just the tip of the homelessness iceberg – nationally there are 50 times as many homeless people in council temporary accommodation as there are sleeping rough.

“The biggest single cause of homelessness across England at the moment is the simply the ending of a private tenancy – maybe the landlord wants the property back at the end of the lease – and then the tenants can’t find anywhere else they can afford. There is just not enough housing to go around. Family breakdown and redundancy are big causes too, as well as health issues or addiction. Homelessness can affect many people.

“It takes about £300,000 a year to pay our staff and keep the lights on, and we raise 95% of that ourselves. The money you have raised tonight will go towards paying our support workers. And that is greatly appreciated. It’s community support that keeps us going.”