Dubious political deals, mishandled money, bribery, political panic – sound familiar? Shifting Sands brings its retelling of the classic play The Government Inspector to Norden Farm Centre for the Arts on May 2.

The Mayor of a small town is in a cold sweat. News has reached him of an imminent investigation by a high-ranking government official travelling incognito.

The town’s officials are thrown into a panicked frenzy. They waste no time in covering up the misdirected contracts, misuse of public money, bribes, fiddled expenses, and abuses of office. This type of corruption has been going on for years.

Matters spiral hysterically out of control when they believe that a stranger in town is the real Government Inspector.

The Government Inspector was written in 1835 by Gogol. It is a hilarious satire about corruption in a world where everyone is desperate to hide their wrongdoings and keep the supposed Government Inspector happy. This leads to them all losing their moral compass.

Artistic director Gerry Flanagan said: “I am delighted to retell this classic. The Government Inspector is as relevant today as when it was first written.”

The Government Inspector arrives at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts on Altwood Road on Thursday, May 2.