POLICE seized two rented supercars after people reported they were driving dangerously around High Wycombe.

Officers posted this picture of an Audi R8 and an Aston Martin parked outside the police station having been taken off the drivers.

Police had calls that the black supercars – both worth well over £100,000 – were being driven ‘erratically and dangerously’ through town and on the M40.

After the vehicles were stopped, officers said the rental contracts were ‘terminated’.

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Renting supercars is a popular pastime for car enthusiasts, and a day’s rental for an Audi R8 starts at £390 per day, for a seven-day agreement according to car hire company Hertz.

Hiring an Aston Martin can cost about £500 a day.

Several people congratulated officers for making the stop, which happened on Good Friday.

Police did not reveal whether the drivers faced any further penalties.