Plans have been submitted to build a new police office at the Princes Risborough fire station on New Road, to allow the force to leave the current site on Longwick Road, which is described as ‘no longer fit for purpose for modern day policing’ with ‘significant ongoing maintenance issues.’.

The current police station is approximately 500m away from the fire station.

Thames Valley Police have said they would like to amalgamate the two emergency services and maintain a police presence in the town. The force also believes that working in close proximity to the fire service will allow them to provide a more ‘joined-up’ response between the two services.

The new office will be constructed on land within the current site. The large open area that is currently in front of the Fire Station is where the proposed new police station will be constructed if plans are approved.

The proposed building will be a single storey construction, smaller than the current two-storey fire station on the site and will not stand out when looking in from New Road in comparison to the significantly larger backdrop of the existing fire station.

Described as a ‘modest proposal’, the new police station will not require any new vehicular or pedestrian access. Given it’s ‘low key nature’ the new site will not give rise to any adverse impact on traffic movements given the existing nature of the site, according to the proposal.