A judge has urged a career criminal with 31 convictions for 115 offences to give up his life of crime because "he's not very good at it" after he was caught by police in Beaconsfield.

Colin Smith, 46, was hauled before a court again this week for breaking into a rural home and stealing a Porsche before leading police on a high-speed chase.

He travelled 85 miles from his home in Feltham, Middlesex, to burgle the luxury property in Kineton, Warks., on February 23.

After stealing a Porsche Cayenne, he then led officers of a 24 minute chase, during which he hit speeds of 115mph, before finally being arrested on the M40 in Beaconsfield.

On Wednesday (April 17) Smith was jailed for six years and banned from driving for eight years after he admitted burglary, theft and dangerous driving.

Sentencing, Judge Peter Cooke said: "It is amazing that with 31 convictions for 115 offences it has not dawned on you that you're not very good at crime."

Warwick Crown Court heard homeowner Warwick Hoffman and his wife found Smith in their dining room after hearing a noise.

Smith then ran out of the sprawling property, which is set in three acres land, with the keys to their Porsche.

Around 15 minutes later the Porsche activated an ANPR camera as it headed south along the M40 alerting traffic officers and a police helicopter.

As traffic cops tried to block Smith's escape he forced his way through a police car and the central barrier causing the police car to spin.

The bonnet of the Porsche flew open which blocked Smith's view but he continued to evade officers.

After 24 minutes police caught Smith near junction 2, for Beaconsfield, where they broke into the car to arrest him.

The crook, who has previous convictions for domestic burglaries and fraud, tested positive for cocaine made no comment when interviewed by officers.

Judge Cook added: "People like the Hoffmans work very hard their whole lives to end up with a nice house in a desirable rural location, with a nice car on the drive, and then people like you come along and violate their home.

"You clearly did so after reconnaissance had been carried out, because for you, being from where you come from, offending in rural Warwickshire bears no other explanation.

"Also, as a matter of inference, which you confirm in your letter to me, you must have been working with someone else.

"This unfortunate couple had their home invaded, terrifying the pair of them, even though it must have been obvious this was an occupied house with people at home.

"The husband, in trying to pursue down the drive the people who had violated their home, sustained a nasty injury.

"You didn't cause it but it was a result of your invasion of their property.

"Once you had stolen his Porsche, you drove it with breathtaking irresponsibility.

"It was a truly shocking piece of driving which exposed many people to the risk of harm or worse."

Nick Devine, defending, said: "His involvement in the offence came as a result of running up a drugs debt shortly after his release from his last term of imprisonment.

"He has had a partner for the last 26 years and they have children of whom he has seen very little because of the time he's spent in custody."