An investigation has been launched after a High Wycombe supermarket shopper was slapped with a parking fine – nearly two years after the alleged incident.

Marlow resident Janey Jolliffe was shocked to receive a “random” final payment notice demanding £70 this month for overstaying her welcome at the Waitrose supermarket at Handy Cross – in June 2017.

At first, Ms Jolliffe, a regular shopper at the Handy Cross Hub site, thought the bizarre letter may have been a scam – adding that she has never felt the need to stay at the superstore longer than the two-hour car parking limit.

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Talking to the Bucks Free Press, Ms Jolliffe said: “Waitrose is investigating – they found it really weird. I never have a need to stay there longer than two hours.

“I understand the need for parking fines because a lot of people abuse it. People going to the leisure centre will park in the Waitrose car park for free – even though the leisure centre car park costs 50p for two hours.

“It is a really busy car park but genuine customers should not be persecuted. Perhaps they should do something useful with the barrier that has never been in operation.” Maybe have an attendant who can monitor those leaving the car park to go elsewhere.”

“I thought the letter could be a scam – it is a black and white photocopy. It is just ridiculous. I called Waitrose the next day.”

The parking charge notice – which was from Britannia Parking, the company that manages the car park – claimed Ms Jolliffe entered the car park at 11.43am on June 14, 2017 and left the same day at 3.24pm.

In a letter dated March 20 this year – which was sent to Ms Jolliffe’s home and included details of her registration plate – the company said: “We wrote to you advising that the above Parking Charge Notice had been issued to the above vehicle and that it has remained unpaid.

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“As a result we have contacted the DVLA who informed us that you are the registered keeper or you have been identified as the driver at the time the Parking Charge Notice was issued.

“To date, the Parking Charge Notice remains unpaid, therefore £70 is now due.”

Ms Jolliffe said she felt “wrongly accused and victimised” after receiving the fine – but Waitrose has now confirmed it will cancel the fine and is investigating the strange incident.

A spokesman for Waitrose & Partners said: “We’re very sorry to Mrs Jolliffe for this - we have cancelled the charge and we’re investigating what happened here with Britannia, who run the car park.”

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