The "evil" acts of terrorism in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday have been condemned by community leaders at a peace vigil to remember the hundreds of innocent victims today. 

Members of the public, religious leaders and community leaders gathered at the Micklefield Mosque to hold a peace vigil in memory of the 359 people who died in a string of church and hotel bombings. 

Imam Haseeb Jahangir organised the prayer vigil on behalf of Wycombe Mosque and "strongly condemned" the terrorist attacks, adding: "An attack on a religious building is an attack on us all".

Addressing those who had gathered at the Centre Approach mosque, Cllr Khalil Ahmed slammed the attackers, adding: "They are not muslim". 

He said: "I condemn those that carried out these acts and I condemn those that support the people that carried these heinous acts.

"We are gathered here today to remember those innocent men, women and children that were killed for no other reason but to have been at the right place at the wrong time. 

"Yes, I say right place, as to what can me more of a right place than a place of worship. After all, this is the place is where you goto to seek peace, security and freedom from worldly problems."

He added: "It was these places, namely three churches where people who called themselves Muslims decided to wreak evil by blowing themselves up and killing so many.

"Let me be very clear although they call themselves Muslims, they were not. As true Muslims are those people that submit to Allah.

"They believe in the teachings of the holy Quran and Sunnah as demonstrated by the holy prophet Mohammed.

"For I can testify that the Quran does not instruct Muslims to kill innocent people, but it does however teach how to be kind and to care for one another."

The councillor said the message of the peace vigil is to "send a loud and clear message to all those that seek to divide us, to tell them that they have failed and they will continue to fail for we shall remain united always and forever".

Cllr Ahmed also organised a book of condolences, which will be passed to All Saints Church for their vigil on Sunday, April 28, at 12pm. 

It will then be given to the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka.