Two graduates from Bucks New University are the minds behind a popular advert for German car manufacturer Audi, which has been making a splash on screens recently.

Freya Harrison and Gina Ramsden came up with the idea for Audi’s ‘Synchronised Swim’ advert, which features two Audi’s carrying out a choreographed routine aimed at publicising the manufacturers small car range.

The advert, which currently has 1.8m view on YouTube, begins in a deserted changing room, before panning out to the pool which was especially built in Ukraine for the advert.

This is not the first time that the two have created an advert, with the pair teaming up to provide the idea for Warbutons ‘Pride and Breadjudice’ advertising campaign in 2017.

Gina and Freya said: “We wanted to show that everything the big car could do was matched perfectly by the small car, hence the synchronised swimming idea.

“We wanted to tell the story and keep it simple while avoiding becoming a clichéd car ad, and we also wanted to keep the Audi tone, wit and charm, ensuring it had a purpose for putting it in what would be considered a cool location.

“Once we had the idea, we spent weeks crafting the script to the best it could be. Then we were involved in the whole process, from choosing the director, working with him to bring it to life, shooting the ad and then carrying out all the post production.

“We're so pleased with how it's turned out.”