Ever wondered where crimes are being committed near you and if they are being solved?

Last month, we brought you the full list of crimes committed in the Wycombe policing area, street by street.

And for our latest delve into Thames Valley Police figures, we are bringing you a map of EVERY crime reported since the start of the year.

See below for interactive map 

TVP has published figures for January to March only, and the map below shows the location of every crime reported, what category of crime it was, and the status of the investigation.

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From January to March, there were 2734 crimes logged by officers.

Here’s how the numbers break down by crime type:

The most commonly reported crime type is ‘violence and sexual offences' at 770, followed by anti-social behaviour and ‘other’ theft.

  • Violence and sexual offences - 770
  • Anti-social behaviour - 365
  • Other theft - 323
  • Vehicle crime - 293
  • Criminal damage and arson - 237
  • Shoplifting - 219
  • Burglary - 181
  • Public order -108
  • Drugs - 75
  • Other crime - 56
  • Theft from the person - 43
  • Robbery - 38
  • Possession of weapons -19
  • Bicycle theft - 7

The most common location for crimes committed was car parks or parking areas, where 152 crimes were reported.

Next was petrol stations, where 111 offences were recorded – 86 of them theft.

The road with the single most crimes logged against it is Bridge Street, High Wycombe, with 40 between January and March.

Here's the map, scroll around to see areas near you.