Marlow Museum marked its 10th Anniversary with the launch of a new exhibition ‘The Story of Marlow’.

The new exhibition shows how the town has developed throughout the ages in more detail than ever before. Perhaps the most exciting part of the exhibition is the archaeological finds from Low Grounds, which is evidence that people have lived in Marlow for 5,000 years. They will return to Marlow exclusively for this exhibition.

Also, at the new exhibition are aerial videos of Marlow, stories of individual Marlovians and a six specially commissioned panels of art which depict what life was like for children in years gone by. There is also a large panorama image of Marlow from the air on one of the walls.

Joining Mayor Chris Funnell at the launch was his deputy and town councillors, alongside special guests David Barber (The Queen’s Swan Marker) and Michael Eagleton, known for his books based on his collection of local photography.

During the launch, Museum chairman Mike Hyde insisted that although the museum was celebrating its anniversary, it remained a ‘project’, since the original aim of finding a larger site in the centre of the town remains.