IT'S Walk to School week, a national campaign encouraging parents and children to give walking a go in order to improve health, traffic and air pollution.

The Bucks Free Press is asking parents to tell what they believe to be the worst places in the area for children to walk to school.

There are many reasons for parents to fear for their children's safety including busy roads with lack of crossings, vehicles driving or parking on the pavements, drivers going over the speed limit and more. 

You can send your examples below

Bucks Free Press:

In November, the area around St Michael's Catholic School in High Wycombe was described as 'a tragedy waiting to happen' due to problems with cars speeding in the area. 

The stretch along Daws Hill Lane was also raised as an issue by readers due to people parking on pavements. 

Send us your thoughts below and any pictures you have of the spots you believe are the most dangerous.

Most dangerous places for kids to walk to school

Send us your examples and the areas and why they're a problem - including any pics you might have

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