Plans have been submitted by the Royal Grammar School to adjust the layout of the school, including extensions to the library and the creation of a new sixth form centre.

The Royal Grammar School hope the plans will respond to a recent audit of the site, which ‘highlighted a major deficiency in the spaces for Post 16 students’ and give the sixth form centre ‘prominence and pride of place within the school’.

In total, the proposal lists three planned adjustments to the school. The first is to convert the current sixth form reading room into two ground classrooms. Secondly, plans have been lodged to convert, alter and extend the displaced classrooms on the ground floor into a new modern library space.

Lastly, the school want to convert, alter and extend the displaced library into a new sixth form centre.

The majority of work listed in the plans will be within the existing building, with the library extension being the only outwardly visible work.

One tree will have to be cut down to accommodate the new buildings, but the school hope to form courtyards in the external areas of the new facilities which could act as outside teaching spaces.

On the new library roof adjoining the existing teaching block a large array of photovoltaics will be installed to improve the school’s carbon “footprint”.

Access to the new library will be designed with wide internal corridors with an internal platform hoist for wheelchair users.

In conclusion, the application states the new work fulfils its objective by “delivering the required accommodation with minimal extra land coverage, protecting and enhancing the listed building and its setting, adding to the biodiversity of the site and incorporating energy efficient technology.”