The Chiltern Green Party have challenged MP Cheryl Gillan to rule out a voting for a no deal Brexit as the country nears the October 31 Article 50 deadline.

The group have claimed that local voters ‘decisively rejected no-deal parties, favouring those backing the European Union.’

In the Chiltern District, the Liberal Democrats topped the polls in the EU election, with 10,942 votes. The Brexit Party came second with 10,319, followed by The Green Party on 4,597 and then The Conservatives with 4,381.

Alan Booth, parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Chesham and Amersham, said: “The result could not have been clearer. Local people have again decisively rejected what would be a disastrous no-deal.

“Now they expect their MP to do what’s right for her constituents and for the whole country. To date, Mrs Gillan has basically ignored her Remain-voting constituency. The

“Tories have no mandate at all for pursuing a reckless no-deal Brexit and we need Dame Cheryl to now make it clear that she will rule out supporting any such outcome. To be clear, that also means not supporting any Tory leadership candidate that campaigns, recklessly, for no-deal.”

In response, Cheryl Gillan MP said: “As Co-Chair of the 1922 Committee and a returning officer I remain strictly neutral throughout the Conservative Party leadership election process.

“I would also suggest that Mr Booth should look at my website where there is a section on Brexit which has been updated regularly with detailed reports as the various votes have taken place in the House of Commons.

“In 2016 a majority voted in favour of leaving the European Union and I also stood as a candidate at the General Election in 2017 with the manifesto pledge to honour and implement that democratic vote to leave the EU.”