Angry residents have hit out at council chiefs after a “dangerously damaged” speed bump in Beaconsfield has not been repaired – despite almost a year of complaints.

They claim the speed hump in Ledborough Lane, Beaconsfield, was damaged in 2018 but Bucks County Council has not yet fixed it and is “not bothering” to read reports from residents on Fix My Street.

One resident, Simon Woolf, who wrote on the website on April 9, said: “Clearly Transport for Bucks is no longer fit for purpose.

“This speed hump has not been fixed because I guess no one is bothering to read these reports and action the work.

Bucks Free Press:

“Of course, if anyone should damage their car as a result of accidentally hitting the sharp, broken edge to the speed hump, Transport for Bucks cannot claim that they are not aware.”

He claims drivers are crossing to the opposite side of the road to avoid the speed bump, with fears this could cause a crash.

Another user wrote on the site back in June 2018: “There is still a missing piece of this speed hump, and it's damaging cars as a metal edge is exposed.

“I suggest you fix this quickly before you get a lot of claims resulting from it.”

One anonymous user criticised Transport for Bucks, Bucks County Council and Ringway Jacobs (the road repair company).

They wrote: “Yet another example of a failure by TfB and the partnership between BCC and Ringway Jacobs, when it would appear one part does nothing to maintain the roads and the other party failures to scrutinise the work, or lack of it, by the other part.

“And we, the council taxpayer, pays for this poor service.

“Clearly this Fix My Street website is just as useless as three months on. The road is still not fixed.”

But BCC insists the speed bump does not need to be repaired immediately.

Head of highways Mark Averill said: “Transport for Buckinghamshire is aware of the missing section of speed cushion on Ledborough Lane, Beaconsfield.

“The location of the missing section, offside wheel track, is such that an immediate repair is not required.

“The condition of the cushion is being monitored and will be placed on a future programme of work.”

This comes after Bucks was named the 10th worst county for potholes in the UK by The Insurance Emporium earlier this year, with 72,551 road defects being reported in Bucks between 2015 to 2018, according to figures from the firm.