As WE enter the summer months (despite all this rain), one thing springs to mind when a lot of people think of warm weather - a nice ice cream.

We have asked for your suggestions for the best spot to enjoy a frozen treat in the hot weather this week, and here are your selections.

1) Ice Cream Queen, High Wycombe and various locations

Bucks Free Press:

The most popular suggestion on our list by far, Bucks Free Press readers praised the variety of ice creams you can purchase at Ice Cream Queen. One of our readers said: “Ice Cream Queen serves delicious ice creams. I love the different flavours and choices that they offer, I can choose my favourite chocolate bar and get to have it in an ice cream.”

2) Hitcham Farm, Burnham -

Bucks Free Press:

Another popular choice amongst our readers, the quality of Hitcham Farm’s product has not gone unnoticed amongst customers. One said: “Very nice ice cream from local cows, done with natural flavours and no cheapening emulsified. My personal favourite is a waffle cone with vanilla and salted on top.”

3) Treatz Dessert Parlour, High Wycombe -

Bucks Free Press:

One of the most popular establishments in High Wycombe, Treatz is a favourite place for people of all ages across High Wycombe. One of our readers said that: “I love Treatz, I’d go there more if I wasn’t trying to lose weight! You can go in there loads of times and have something different every time, it is great.”

4) Bourne For Desserts, Bourne End -

Bucks Free Press:

Based in The Parade in Bourne End, the variety of different sweet treats you can enjoy at Bourne for Desserts has been a real hit with our readers. One happy customer said: “I love the gelatos and ice creams, but at the same time I enjoy going in for a nice coffee and cake. It is a great place to go, the staff are all very friendly and I can’t say I have ever had a bad experience there. Highly recommend.”

5) The Works, High Wycombe -

Bucks Free Press:

Perhaps the most glowing review of all was given to The Works. One of our reader said: “I want to recommend The Works in High Wycombe for the greatest place in Bucks to get an Ice cream. All ice creams are hand made on the premises and you can watch it being made. There is a wide choice on the menu so whether you want a pancake, crepe or waffle, sweet or savoury with your ice cream you can have it. There are always healthy options and vegetarian or vegan options. I can’t recommend The Works enough. This has to be the best ice cream and dessert store outside of Italy.”