Celebrity Chesham resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, June 7:


Normally you love a challenge but not at the moment. Your mood is such that you would happily opt for an easier week than normal. You’ve had to work harder than ever to get results and you’re ready to have a breather. Legal and money matters need to be handled with the greatest care. If you’re unhappy with some arrangements, talk to an expert about what you can do. Don’t let yourself be pushed from pillar to post.


You are often the last person to accept change but sometimes change can work out for the best. Excitement is in the air and with so much going on, it will be easier to go with the flow. Be open and ready to accept anything new. Focus on what’s important. Putting too much focus on material matters could make you miserable. Embrace the opportunity to be creative, commune with nature or take up a spiritual practice.


Keep up with the more practical and mundane business of the days. This won’t be much fun but the work has got to be done. Expect some disagreement with a colleague who seems to think they know everything. A little rivalry can be a good thing if it helps push you to achieve your best. Getting involved with a group project will be rewarding. You won’t have expected to be able to help as much as you do and you have every right to feel proud of your accomplishments.


Through no fault of your own you may have to delay ideas for making changes at home. A relative or neighbour will let you down by failing to deliver on a promise. You have a right to feel annoyed and angry with people who are causing so many problems. A workmate who hasn’t been carrying out their fair share of the work is about to get their comeuppance. As long as you are pulling your weight, you have nothing to worry about.


A project or work assignment has reached the stage where it’s too complicated or time consuming to handle on your own. With a little help from an experienced colleague, you will get over the hurdles now facing you. An email from some distant relatives will bring a welcome piece of news. Organise a meal at an elegant restaurant. Getting family together for a small celebration will be easier than thought.


A long-term legal or financial matter will finally come to a conclusion. Take this opportunity to put your household in order. Issues that have been hanging in the balance will be resolved, causing you to breathe a sigh of relief. Romantic involvements will deepen. You will establish a new level of closeness in an existing relationship. If you’re single and looking for love a new partnership looks promising and you have high hopes for the future.


Your best friend or partner has some ambitious plans. You will like their ideas but don’t be two quick to agree with them. Some won’t be as easy as they sound to put into practice and you could get lumbered with responsibilities you don’t need. Group and social events will bring you most rewards. A cheerful atmosphere prevails and there’ll be as much enjoyment from the company around you as from the work or project you are all involved with.


You will get an invitation during a casual conversation. This won’t be anything like a big splash occasion despite what someone is saying. It will be more like a small house warming party where neighbours, both old and new can meet up and get to know each other better. Some friction at home makes it hard for you to relax. It’s important not to let fears about the future grip you as you’re worrying about things that may never happen.


There will be several delays before you are able to start on a new venture or journey. Unexpected expenses or legal issues will stop you moving forward as quickly as you had hoped. This will be aggravating but a practical partner will help keep the situation under control. A seminar or workshop will not be as interesting as you thought it would be but it will give you a chance to make some new friends and it could open up some new options.


Your challenge this week is to work out who you can trust and who you need to be wary of. Someone who has betrayed your trust has caused you to question all your relationships. Don’t feel pressured into agreeing to long-term arrangements until you have explored all options. You might be hoping there aren’t too many demands placed on your time. You have a lot on your mind and it won’t be easy to concentrate on your work.


You could do with a change of scene but even if you do manage to get away, your mind will be matters needing attention closer to home. Instead of sweeping problems under the rug, own up to them and deal with them immediately. Social plans will be changed when a friend will admit they can’t afford to attend a glamorous party. Since it won’t be the same without them, you might suggest something less stylish you both enjoy instead.


Wait a short while longer if you’re thinking about making new starts in any area. New information will come to light that will help you make an important decision. You will be glad you bided your time and didn’t do anything hasty. An older relative is upset over something that seems very trivial but you know how important this is to them. You’ve always been very sensitive and your compassionate approach to this matter will mean a lot to them.