Fish and chip lovers in South Bucks got together to celebrate the day dedicated to the nation's favourite dish.

The classic takeaway, which became a staple of the English diet in the 1860s, brought crowds to Oysters Fish and Chip Shop in Marlow Bottom to celebrate the annual event on Friday.

The Brucewood Parade eatery was packed with hungry diners to celebrate the day, which saw Marlow’s Deputy Mayor Bob Johnson, the chairman of Marlow Bottom Parish Council Mark Harris, and Richard Collins, who represented Marlow Chamber of Commerce, join in with the fried feast. 

Bucks Free Press:

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And Oysters owner Gav Singh explained that it’s not just people from the village who are queuing up to get their hands on their goods.

He said: “We have an order for All Saints Church for about 30 people and we also have an order from Waddesdon School in Aylesbury. They’ll be visiting Longridge and we have an order of more than 142.

“We have such a great relationship with our customers as they ask us if we have a food allergy list in place, they ask us what oil we use, and we have been catering that school (Waddesdon School) for six consecutive years now.

“We also cater to numerous other schools around Buckinghamshire but even though that’s important, do you know what’s really important? The people who come here week in, week out as they’re our bread and butter.

“I just love doing what I do."

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Bucks Free Press:

Mr Singh has been the owner of Oysters since March 2009, and he revealed to the Bucks Free Press that all the fish that is served in the shop is MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Council), which means their fish have been purchased from sustainable fishing grounds.

Instead of regular vegetable oil, he uses non-hydrogenated palm oil, which he explained is kinder to the enviroment as vegetable oil has a high gas consumption, whilst nut oil can trigger allergies. 

And people were queuing out of the door last Friday lunchtime to pick up their weekly fix.

Bucks Free Press:

So, for 18-year-old shop assistant Leah Fox, who has worked there since she was 15, seeing the shop get busy brings her nothing but joy.

She said: “I love working here as we’re like one big family.

“I love the community, I love everybody that comes in here, and I love the concept of it all really. It’s a nice, fish and chip shop.

“I prefer serving customers than events like today because I can get to know them a lot better as I can find out what they’ve been up to, what they’re doing and, in a way, make friends.

“I look at some of them as family and it’s nice to get to know some of the regulars.”

Bob Johnson, Marlow’s deputy mayor added: “The reputation of Oysters Fish and Chips goes without saying and this extends way beyond Marlow Bottom.

“Gav continuously looks to improve on a regular basis to help the customers.

“That’s why Oysters Fish and Chips is the place to go.”