Three people were saved from a fire caused by a candle when their smoke alarm rang out in the early hours of the morning.

A blaze broke out in the living room of the two-storey mid-terrace home in Conifer Rise, High Wycombe, at around 1am on Tuesday (June 11).

The fire's cause was a candle that had been left on the sideboard.

Two fire crews from High Wycombe were called at 1.10am when the smoke alarm went off, alerting the three people inside the house to the fire, who called 999 when they fled outside.

Fortunately, the damage caused by the fire was restricted to the living room only because the door was shut as part of their usual night-time routine.

Bucks Fire and Rescue are urging people to check their homes before they go to bed - including unplugging electrical appliances, turn off heaters, put out cigarettes and candles properly and make sure exits are kept clear.