The mother of tragic university student Libby Squire from High Wycombe has shared heartfelt messages they exchanged before she went missing.

Lisa Squire has posted a screenshot on her Facebook page of the WhatsApp message her 21-year-old daughter sent to her before she vanished on February 1 this year.

Her body was later found in the Humber Estuary.

The exact date of the messages is not known, but in them Libby says: "I'm glad you're my mum. You always know what to say."

Lisa replied: "I am a wise old bird" to which Libby said "You are the loveliest bird".

Libby was studying at the University of Hull when she went missing after a night out.

Police carried out extensive searches for six weeks.

Her body was finally found on March 20, in the Humber Estuary near to Grimsby Docks.

Pawel Relowicz was arrested and later released, but remains under police investigation on suspicion of her disappearance.

Police have confirmed the body of Libby Squire has yet to be released.

Last month, Humberside Police confirmed they have carried out further tests on Libby's body, as they continue a "complex" homicide investigation.

The pain goes on for Libby's family, who have not been able to bury Libby and say goodbye, with the police unable to release the body.