Relatives of the wicked mother who let her husband repeatedly rape her daughter spoke of their "disgust" at learning news of the horrific ordeal the couple had imposed on their niece.

Speaking at his mid-terraced home in High Wycombe, Stefan Gray expressed his shock and dismay about what had happened to the daughter of Mary-Louisa Andrews and her partner Anokye Andrews.

His niece, now aged 28, had been sexually abused since the age of nine and had lived what a judge described as a "life of hell" at the hands of her "wicked" mother and stepfather, from Milton Keynes.

Anokye Andrews was put behind bars for 20 years and Mary-Louisa Andrews was jailed for three years.

Anoyke Andrews was found unanimously guilty of six counts of rape, two counts of indecent assault and one count of assault by penetration.

Mary-Louisa Andrews was found unanimously guilty of one count of cruelty to persons under 16 years old by a unanimous jury.

The victim was aged between nine and 16 when she was abused by her step-father between 2001 and 2007. Mary-Louisa failed to protect her daughter or notify the authorities despite being aware of the abuse that was happening.

The victim, who agreed to waive her anonymity so that the two defendants could be publicly named and shamed following their jailing at Aylesbury Crown Court on May 28, had remained in touch with her uncle and grandfather who live in High Wycombe.

Mr Gray said of his sister Mary-Louise: "Obviously if I had known what was happening I would have knocked her out. It is shocking.

“I love my niece to pieces and so does my dad. We are really gutted that this has all taken place without us knowing and it has devastated us.

"My dad's not well as it is and to hear what has been going on - well, let's just say I’m not happy about it.

"I’m glad he’s in prison because I’ll kill him. That’s my niece he has done this to.

Speaking of jailed Mary-Louisa, he added: "I feel disgusted. I’ll tell you I’d be glad if I never see my sister again and I think my dad feels the same.

"I have another brother called Lee, he’s the oldest of the family and he’s been supporting my sister and I’m sick to my stomach with him. He has stuck by her through everything, giving her money and everything.

Mr Gray and his father revealed that they had stayed in touch with the victim and showed our reporter a Christmas card they had received from her.

Stefan said: "My mum has been dead about three years now, Mary and Ag [Anokye] came down here pleading their innocence just before that. I said I would stay neutral until I heard more but now I am sick to my stomach with her.

"I love my niece to pieces and I would do anything for her. If she hasn’t got support from us who does she have support from?

"I think Ag's sentence reflects what happened to my niece, I think it’s justified, but my sister only got three years. I don’t think they gave my sister enough, I think she should have got more because you don’t do that to your own children. She was doing that to her own kid.

"I was close to my sister at one point, I always used to go down to their house even when their daughter used to live there but then I noticed she started to run away quite often.

"She used to disappear every now and then and now, thinking back and pondering it, now I know why.”

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Tejinder Sidhu, said: “This was a horrific case of abuse in which the people who should have been caring and nurturing a girl failed her completely.

“Anokye Andrews was supposed to be a father figure to Mary-Louisa’s daughter, but he abused her horrifically.

“Mary-Louisa shockingly stood by and did nothing to stop the abuse of the person who she should have been most protective of in the world.

“It is a testament to the strength of the victim to stand in a court and see her mother and step-father convicted and brought to justice.

“Neither Anokye or Mary-Louisa showed any remorse and did not admit their wrongdoing forcing the victim to stand up in court and give evidence against them.

“I hope that the conviction shows other victims of such abuse that you will be listened to by the police and the courts and that we will investigate fully and do everything in our power to bring offenders to justice.”