Heroes are set to emerge at the FIFA Women’s World Cup and a pair of High Wycombe university students say they have just the idea to harness the achievements of sports stars to inspire the next generation.

Remi Hardy and Helen Giles, who study creative advertising at Bucks New University, have won an award thanks to their proposal to work with adidas and use London buses to promote female sports stars.

The pair are among winners in the adidas section at the D&AD New Blood Awards, for new designers, with their entry, The Headlines They Deserve, and say were their ideas to become reality they could spark enthusiasm among young women.

They said: “Young people need role models as they are a vital part of inspiring success. However, there aren’t enough role models in women’s sports. This is not because they don’t exist but because we believe they have been neglected by the media."

Remi and Helen have cited research by the organisation Totally Runablewhich found that less than three per cent of photographs of sport in nine national newspapers examined between July 2017 and June 2018 showed women playing sport.

Totally Runable found 3,107 pictures of people playing sport, and of those five were men and women playing together, 3,011 were of men, and just 91 were of women.

“Astonishingly, we are 33 times more likely to see a man playing sport in the newspapers than a woman,” added Remi and Helen.

“There are loads of interesting sports women out there whose stories needed to be heard but it needs to be done in an interesting and memorable way.

“If hundreds of newsworthy stories from sportswomen are not making headlines how are young girls going to get the motivation they need to participate in sports?

“Our proposal would be for adidas to stand against what we perceive as media gender bias by using London buses to share the unheard stories from the previous year.

“As adidas is a city brand they required the campaign to target city girls. We wanted these sportswomen’s stories to be seen so we began thinking of what Londoners see the most - buses!

“Buses would be perfect for our idea because they are a cheap way to get around London, they travel to all parts of London, and school children get them daily.”

Remi is also among commended entries at the YCN Student Awards, for a brief working with KFC.

See Remi and Helen's work at Bucks New University’s Art & Design Summer Show from 14-15 June and 16-19 June.

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