Overgrown bushes on a road dedicated to a former Wycombe MP have left one resident asking – “what sort of memory is this to him?”

The grass and bushes on John Hall Way in High Wycombe have become so overgrown in some places that they are covering the pavements – meaning those with pushchairs or wheelchairs are struggling to get past.

One resident who got in touch with the Bucks Free Press, said something must be done about it to improve the situation for pedestrians.

Chris Lawrence added: “It is so overgrown, what sort of memory is this to him?”

The road is named after former Wycombe MP John Hall.

Sir Frederick John Frank Hall was the Conservative MP for Wycombe and took up the role at a by-election in November 1952. He remained Wycombe’s MP until his death in 1978 at the age of 66.

The MP and his wife Nancy were well-liked by constituents – and there are a number of plaques and commemorations in their memory.

As well as John Hall Way, there is Nancy Hall Court, also in Cressex, and a plaque at Wycombe District Council offices as well as a memorial in the Oak Room at the town hall.

In response to the complaint, Mark Averill, head of highways at Bucks County Council, said they were limited as to when they could cut back bushes due to the bird nesting season.

He said: “Transport for Buckinghamshire is aware of the overgrown vegetation and grass on John Hall Way, High Wycombe.

“Most of the overgrown vegetation is coming from private gardens, which ordinarily we are not allowed to cut. However, as the vegetation is obstructing the footway, we will be cutting this back within the next five days.

“It is worth noting that currently, we are restricted when it comes to cutting back hedgerows and trees etc. as it is nesting season for birds.

“During these times, we do not cut back any kind of vegetation until the nesting is over unless a survey has been carried out beforehand.”