Several Amersham residents have expressed their delight after a number of new trees were planted in the town centre.

The new trees were planted as part by Amersham town council on Sycamore Road and form part of the council’s Amersham in Bloom initiative which aims to enhance the town through ‘horticultural excellence and community engagement.

An Amersham town council spokesman said: “The trees have been added to soften and indeed green our main retail thoroughfare.

Bucks Free Press:

“The planters themselves have been funded through sponsorship, including a donation from the Amersham Action Group and funds raised through plant and card sales. The trees have been sponsored by Serco.

“Britain in Bloom is recognised across the UK as a symbol of excellence in community gardening while as proven in Amersham it can lead to strong community spirit, engagement and pride of place.”

Images of the new additions to Sycamore Road have been shared on social media, with locals speaking of their happiness at seeing trees line the street for the first time in a number of years.

One local resident said: “Amersham in bloom will look after them. Sycamore road was called that for a reason! As a manager in a local shop I think it is great that we are going back to our roots.”

Bucks Free Press:

Another said: “There are many people in Amersham involved in trying to regenerate the High Street, encourage new businesses in, for the good of everyone.

“Other issues aside, let be grateful for the fact that there are people out there attempting to improve things for the benefit of others.

“Congratulations to Amersham Action Group for raising the money for these, and Serco Amersham for sponsoring the trees.”