A DRAIN that started spewing foul-smelling sewage all over a busy High Wycombe road has finally been fixed after more than three months.

Residents living along London Road say the stench from the drain - which is near the junction with Harlow Road - was “intolerable” and passersby were getting splashed with sewage when cars drove through the puddle.


Bucks County Council (BCC) was informed of the problem on February 20 through the FixMyStreet app - but when approached by the Bucks Free Press to find out why nothing had been done at the end of May, they blamed the issue on Thames Water.

Once alerted to the leak by the paper, Thames Water sent out an engineer - but said the problem was actually caused by a blocked gully, which is the responsibility of BCC after all.

Finally, BCC has cleared the gully.

In a statement, their transport arm, Transport for Bucks, said: "Transport for Buckinghamshire has cleared the blocked gully and has also jetted the outlet pipe on the London Road and believe this will resolve the issue that residents are currently faced with.

"If the issue arises again it will be passed to the Environment Agency who will be asked to dredge the river channel to allow the connecting pipe to outfall as intended.

"We will continue to monitor the situation, we are confident that the intervention taken will have solved the problem."