Hampden Grammar School in High Wycombe have submitted plans to build a new three storey classroom block on the site.

The plans aim to help accommodate more students to the school, increasing the capacity from 1082 pupils to 1260 by the time the project is completed next year. In order to manage the increased pupil capacity, more staff will also be hired by the school, with a further seven full time equivalent staff being hired, resulting in 106 members of staff.

Following a successful Selective Schools Expansion Funding (SSEF) bid, the school has subsequently allocated the funds to deliver the new building, alongside undertaking refurbishment and reorganisations works on the existing premises.

The school have also confirmed in the plans that they plan to add another class of students in each year group.

Elsewhere on the site, an additional eight car parking spaces will be added, alongside a further 26 new cycle parking bays.