A motorcyclist father-of-two died when he was thrown from his bike into an oncoming vehicle after two cars crashed in front of him, an inquest has heard.

Wlodzimierz Kasperowicz, 32, suffered multiple serious injuries and died at the scene of a horror crash on the A40 in West Wycombe, after coming off his motorcycle as he attempted to brake to avoid a crash ahead of him.

Two cars braked ahead of Mr Kasperowicz, a Nissan Note and a Vauxhall Corsa, as he travelled along the A40 at around 4.45pm on August 3 last year, after a vehicle had slowed to turn into the service road on the opposite carriageway.

Unfortunately, the two cars ahead of Mr Kasperowicz, who was from High Wycombe, failed to stop quickly enough, leading to a collision between the two. Forensic collision investigator at Thames Valley Police, PC Adrian White, described this as an ‘accordion effect’.

Jennifer Camp, who was driving the Nissan Note which Mr Kasperowicz’s motorbike struck after he was thrown from his bike, confirmed to Beaconsfield Coroner’s Court on Wednesday afternoon that she was: “driving along the road and went to turn my air con-off. As I looked up, I noticed the car in front of me had braked, so I did an emergency stop.

“I felt an impact behind me and saw a motorcyclist to my right.”

In a statement read out to the court Samantha Philpott, the driver of the Ford Kuga which Mr Kasperowicz struck, said: “I could see a vehicle was indicating to go into the service road. I had to brake to allow him to pass safely.

“As I started to accelerate away, out of nowhere I saw a motorcyclist flying towards me. He hit the front right-hand side of my car.”

Emergency services were called to the scene but Special Constable Derek Flint said Mr Kasperowicz had already passed away.

PC White confirmed to the court that: “the weather was fine and dry, the road conditions were good, the road markings were in a good conditions and visibility was good to all drivers.

“All of the vehicles were examined and did not have defects that could have contributed to the collision. The motorbike was in a good condition, it was well serviced and maintained.”

All of the drivers involved in the initial crash and the resulting fatal collision provided negative breath tests, Adrian White confirmed.

Tributes to Mr Kasperowicz have been left on a Just Giving page set up in his memory in a bid to raise cash to help his young family. He was described as a “loving husband and father” who was “very liked and helpful”.

One tribute left on the page said: “Kacper will be sadly missed, always had a smile, a pleasure to have known him. My thoughts and prayers are with his young family and wife.”