A mystery Good Samaritan has been dubbed a hero after stopping a car rolling backwards into oncoming traffic - after the driver suffered a medical emergency at the wheel. 

A stunned passerby - who wanted to remain anonymous - told the Bucks Free Press he was near the chip shop on Mill End Road in High Wycombe on Thursday when he noticed a car rolling back down towards oncoming traffic. 

He then saw a man run over, open the driver's door, dive inside and pull up the handbrake - preventing a major crash. 

As the scene unfolded, it appeared that the driver - an elderly lady - was having a medical episode and was "fitting in the driver's seat". 

The passerby said: "I stopped, ran up and asked if I should call 999, he was already trying to help this lady and I spoke to emergency services. About five of us stopped and helped.

"When the emergency services came, the lady was very disoriented but conscious.

"I said to this guy, 'mate you're a hero, well done' then he told me he had, I think, paralysis of one leg and had run despite the fact he had trouble walking.

"He had stuck with this lady all the way through and gave me a hug then limped away shaken, full of adrenaline and I just feel compelled to say what a guy."

It has since been revealed that the hero is a delivery driver for Corner Plaice chip shop named Jason. 

Gary Wilson, who works at the chip shop, shared the news with the Bucks Free Press. 

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