Councillor Khalil Ahmed is doing his bit to try and get people to vote for the Labour Party by modifying his Volkswagen Beetle.

The Labour member for Disraeli Ward has coated his car red and has covered his vehicle with several mottos and sayings that have been used by the party in previous elections.

Quotes such as, ‘For the many not the few', ‘standing up, not standing by’, ‘together we are stronger’ and ‘equality social justice compassion’ are clearly visible on car, with Cllr Ahmed also donning a personalised number plate which says ‘K4 WYC’ (Khalil for Wycombe).

Mr Ahmed said: “Our town needs to be rejuvenated.

“High Wycombe has changed a lot in the last 40 years and not always for the better.

“There are clear areas of neglect such as the High Street and our 800-year-old charter market, as they’ve been badly affected by the dominance of the shopping centre and we need to make sure local people still feel drawn to the historic centre of our town.

“The hospital has lost some really important departments that served local people when they were at their most vulnerable, and I’d like to see those services brought back here, rather than a 30-minute drive away down an A-road that could get congested and slow the journey down even more.

“These are just some of my priorities and they’re priorities that come from our town, my friends and family who live here and my work as a councillor.

“And as I drive around Wycombe in my Labour Party car, I hope people will realise that it’s the support of the community that has given me the confidence to take my message out on the roads.”

Cllr Ahmed also revealed that he plans to improve the education system in Wycombe and has new initiatives to try and help the homeless and those who are living in poverty.

However, his Conservative rival Steve Baker dismissed cllr Ahmed’s plan to try and get more people to vote for Labour.

Mr Baker, who has been Wycombe’s MP since 2010 told the Bucks Free Press: “An extravagant wrapped car can’t disguise the ruin Jeremy Corbyn would bring on our country if he had power”.

Cllr Ahmed responded by saying: “While Steve Baker continues to be the aggressive, hard man of Brexit, I can promise a caring, constituency focused approach that will foster better local services.

“Jeremy Corbyn isn’t running here, I am. I’m from Wycombe and ready to represent it.”