Climate change protesters are staging a 'die-in' in High Wycombe town centre this morning.

Campaigners from Extinction Rebellion are currently laying on the floor outside the Guildhall with placards and banners.

Bucks Free Press:

A 'die-in' is where protesters lay on the ground to represent dying creatures.

As well as staging a 'die-in', the group also sat in a circle chanting "save our planet". 

The group have now moved to a different location within the town centre and are near Sports Direct. 

Bucks Free Press:

It follows a similar protest in Marlow High Street last week.


Many of the campaigners at this week's protest are schoolchildren who are taking the day off school to take part in the demonstration.

Bucks Free Press:

Their banners and placards have phrases like "why study for a future that won't exist?", "14 years of school for a future I might not get" and "I'd be in school if the planet was cool".

Bucks Free Press:

There are police at the scene but the demo is not causing any disruption.