Foxes Piece Primary School in Marlow have had a defibrillator installed on their grounds.

The piece of equipment, which is used to restart the heartbeat after one suffers from a cardiac arrest, was fitted at the Newfield Gardens school at the end of May but wasn’t officially revealed to the public until June.

The primary school received the defibrillator as a gift from the not for profit organisation Marlow Youth, who organise charity football matches with all the proceeds going to towards improving the community.

Jane Byron, Foxes Piece’s headteacher said: “We are absolutely delighted that Marlow Youth have fundraised enough money to have this on our site for the local community.

“We are very grateful that they chose us, and the defibrillator is in a place which is accessible to those around the area.

“Next to the school is the Newfield Community Church, Little Roos Nurserey and the Stepping Stones Children Centre so if anything were to happen, anyone in the local vicinity can use it.”

Marlow Youth have been playing charity matches for approximately four years and have raised a considerable amount for local causes.

Defibrillators are known for being very expensive with some ranging to approximately £1,800.