One angry Chesham resident has taken to putting up his own signs as he aims to help curb the amount of speeding drivers on a busy Chesham road.

Bob Earwaker, a resident who lives on Chartridge Lane, has claimed that he has been forced to put up signs himself urging drivers to adhere to the 30mph limit.

Mr Earwaker said: “I have been campaigning to try and stop cars and vans driving over 30mph along the Lane from Chesham town centre to Chartridge since at least January this year.

“The speeding is getting worse. When you travel from Chesham town to Chartridge there is not one 30mph sign until you get to our houses and these are signs, I put up at my expense.

“The police say they have no money to buy signs especially the ones that tell you how fast you are going. The cost would have to come from the public! What do we pay our rates for?”

Cllr Peter Jones conceded that the road is notorious with speeding motorists. However, he did say that efforts have been made to slow drivers down.

Cllr Jones said: “Chartridge Parish Council has invested in a speed-indicating-device which moves between the villages, including Chartridge. I have regularly encouraged the local police to check for speeding motorists more frequently – I was pleased to see they were out with their speed-gun only last week.

“It is sad but true that the majority of any speeding is probably done by other local residents – there is the occasional boy-racer, but many local people tell me it’s the same cars, at the same time each day.

“If any local residents were interested in collectively forming a local Community Speedwatch scheme, I’m sure that would be supported by the local councils and the police.

“Mind you, just at the moment there are so many builders’ vans in the road, and major roadworks coming up this month, it won’t be long before people are complaining about going too slowly!”

Thames Valley Police have been approached for more information on the number of crashes on Chartridge Lane in the last five years.

Earlier this week, Thames Valley Police responded to a concerned resident who asked to monitor drivers in Chesham. Chesham council confirmed they had requested their vehicle to monitor the area.