Prior to my visit to The Giggling Squid in Marlow on June 28, I only had one Thai meal and it wasn’t the greatest of experiences.

However, the West Street restaurant has certainly changed my opinion on the South Asian cuisine as I had some wonderful food there.

Starting off with the prawn crackers, these crackers I received came with a twist as they weren’t the traditional white ones you’re used to having when eating an Asian dish.

Bucks Free Press:

Thai red curry

These crackers had a reddish/brownish hue and this is because they were marinated in numerous spices and herbs.

They were incredible.

It was the first time I had ever had prawn crackers that tasted like this, and they were so good, I had two baskets worth.

Bucks Free Press:

Sticky chicken stir-fry

The reason for having spicy prawn crackers? The Giggling Squid revealed to me that they ‘wanted to be different from other Thai restaurants’, which lead to this innovative snack.

They were beautiful.

To start off my three-course meal, I decided to have three starters which were noodles with beansprouts (£5.99), the mushroom larb (£6.50) and the spicy chicken wings (£7.25).

Bucks Free Press:

The beansprouts and noodles

The noodles and beansprout were incredibly light which is perfect for a starter, but I was disappointed at how bland it was.

The chopped-up leek did rescue some of the dish as it gave the meal a bit of flavouring, but overall it wasn’t the initial start I was hoping for.

However, the mushroom larb and chicken wings certainly made up for the beansprout noodles.

I decided to mix the two together and it created this perfect mix of cold vegetables and hot poultry.

The chicken wings were not greasy in the slightest so you could really taste the spices that were soaked in the chicken.

Bucks Free Press:

Jasmine rice

For the main, I went for the sticky stir fried chicken (£10.99) and a Thai red chicken curry (£10.99) with a bowl of Jasmine rice (£3.25).

The sticky chicken was perfect in every way.

The portion was the right size, the food was light, the chicken was chopped in small pieces and the vegetables which accompanied the main really gave the chicken that kick.

It was a delightful combination.

The Thai red chicken curry was just as flawless.

The chicken absorbed the soup which wasn't to thick or watery, with the vegetables being cooked to perfection.

Bucks Free Press:

Molten chocolate dessert

For dessert, I chose the prosecco and berry cheesecake (£5.95) along with the molten chocolate (£5.95) and both puddings were amazing in every way possible.

The cheesecake was beautiful as it was an explosion of strawberries, whilst the molten chocolate had the perfect blend of a piping hot chocolate cake and ice cream.

Bucks Free Press:

Berry and Prosecco cheesecake

Overall, my experience at the Giggling Squid was a positive one and I hope to return soon.