“Misleading” signage at Wycombe Hospital is set to be changed after a driver was slapped with a parking fine for parking in what looked like a disabled bay.

Bucks Healthcare Trust has cancelled the parking fine handed out to Masoud Shah on July 1 when he visited the High Wycombe hospital with his mum Khalida Shah, who has a disabled badge.

After returning from an appointment at the hospital, Mr Shah – who was with his mum and his two-year-old child at the time – he found he had been given a parking ticket.

When he spoke to the parking warden, he was told it was actually an ambulance bay and not a disabled parking space.

He said: “I think the signage is misleading - for a start, it is not clearly labelled as ambulance bay plus ambulance bays have red lines whereas this has yellow lines and it has a great big disability signed painted in the bay.

“The parking attendant explained that this has been like this for two years and the hospital trust have not done anything about it.

“The signage is very misleading. God knows how many elderly folk have been issued with tickets in the past.

“At the time I had my two-year-old with me and mum in a wheelchair and the last thing I needed was a ticket adding to my stress.”

When approached by the Bucks Free Press for comment, Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust have decided to take action – and cancelled Mr Shah’s ticket.

Ali Williams, commercial director for Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “We would like to thank Mr Shah for bringing this to our attention, and for taking the trouble to take photographs to illustrate the problem.

“Our property services team has taken swift action to clarify the signage and cancel Mr Shah’s ticket.

Parking attendants need to ensure that emergency vehicles have clear access to the site at all times and that all visitors park within designated parking spaces.

“Our property services team will review parking signage across the site to check instructions are clear.”