CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, July 6:


Take care not to be overly sensitive or touchy. Upsetting news might feed your imagination. Don’t get defensive if you feel out of your depth. A situation may not be quite so intractable and difficult as it appears at first sight. Romance is a strong feature of the latter half of the week. Relax. Follow the carefree example of your amour and love could be an excellent tonic at the end of some tense and tiring days.


Something to do with your home and family is preying on your mind. New plans are in the offing and you can’t seem to tear your thoughts away from this direction. Something exciting concerning a member of your household will hold your interest. Money you were expecting to arrive will be delayed or could be less than anticipated. If expenses are rising, the best way to protect your interests is to ask for a pay rise and check your lifestyle to see where economies can be made.


Confusion to do with job responsibilities or a new project is making it hard to concentrate. It might help to ask plenty questions. Someone who joins your team may not be suitable or may turn out to be more of a hindrance than a help. There is a lot of gossip in the air. You aren’t likely to take any of it too seriously and may even be quite amused by what you hear.


A cherished dream needs to be given a push if you are to achieve it. People will take you more seriously if you promote your interests. You are letting fears of falling short of this goal hold you back. Push for what you want and your wish will be granted. Put your imagination to work. New people will be met through sharing a hobby or sporting interest, some of whom are likely to become firm friends.


The power of suggestion will have pleasing consequences. Friends will be amazed by how you turn a tricky situation to your advantage. A mix of confidence and good humour will open doors for you personally and professionally. You have someone eating out of the palm of your hands. Your charm makes you irresistible. Don’t be surprised if a person you are working with develops a crush on you. It will feel wonderful to be admired and appreciated.


You may not have expected to be out and about so much. The reason you are taking a trip out of town doesn’t matter. Whether it is for work or pleasure is immaterial. What’s important is that you make the most of this chance to enjoy a change of scenery. You’re feeling restless and may be tempted to make some changes. The more out of the ordinary your plans, the better. Being a rebel can be fun.


Accept an invitation to join a community where people can share ideas and promote their talents. You’re curious to hear what the world is saying about this and that. You might even add your own contribution to make a piece of gossip sound juicier. If so, be careful about mentioning subjects that were told to you in confidence. Money will be a touchy topic in the home. Stick to less controversial subjects.


Throwing parties and casual get togethers will help you relax and cause your popularity to soar. Be prepared to receive several invitations to meet up with or travel with friends. You won’t be able to accept them all. Choose the ones most likely to cultivate contentment. You might receive an award, prize or promotion. Don’t get carried away with a stroke of luck but do keep a look out for some good financial opportunities that are coming your way.


No one can seem to refuse you. Your personal charisma will attract lots of admirers. Are you single? Going on a date will be a lot more fun than either of you expected. You have a strong feeling you have found your soulmate and you’ll be thrilled to learn this feeling is mutual. A text message may prompt second thoughts about a family arrangement. If you regret a recent decision, now is the time to admit it.


There’s quite a contrast between the many events going on this week and you might find yourself going from one end of the spectrum to the other. A colourful combination of work and play will make for a stimulating time. You will feel better if you strike a healthy balance between the two. When a friend’s big plans start to fizzle out, you will be secretly relieved as you weren’t really looking forward to them anyway.


People are encouraging you to share your talents. Your creative abilities will blossom as an inspirational coach or mentor takes you under their wing. Sharing your skills with an appreciative audience will be awesome and the feedback coming your way will make you proud of your efforts. Push yourself to take some risks. An adventurous friend will encourage you to roll the dice and the rewards will be significant.


You might wish life was more harmonious. It would mean a lot to you if family relationships flowed smoothly but the fact is, you can’t control other people’s behaviour. All you can do is take things calmly and slowly. Obey a desire for some peace and quiet. Turn off your mobile and stay away from the computer. Better still, take yourself off to a tranquil spot where you won’t be disturbed. Take this opportunity to connect with things that give you a spiritual lift.