A driver who ignored a road closure in High Wycombe, dragging a cone under their vehicle, and put road workers in danger has been reported to police. 

Transport for Bucks (TfB) has urged drivers to "think, keep calm and just turn back" when faced with a road closure after a shocking incident in Hammersley Lane. 

A car decided to ignore the diversion route round the closure and drove straight through, dragging a cone with it. 

TfB said the cone "could very easily have been one of our workers", who were carrying out resurfacing works on the busy road at the time. 

They confirmed the incident has been reported to police, who are "fully supportive" of their campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of ignoring road closure warnings. 

TfB said: "Diversion routes might be annoying but they are in place for a reason. Don't put your life at risk, don't put the lives of our workforce at risk.

"Think, keep calm and just turn back."

The incident is believed to have took place at the end of May when Hammersley Lane was shut for three days for plane and patch works to repair the road surface.