Wycombe’s Lib Dems say they are “saddened” that MP Steve Baker was one of 73 politicians who voted against same sex marriage in Northern Ireland this week.

MPs voted to liberalise access to abortion and allow same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland – but Wycombe MP Steve Baker has come under fire for the way he voted.

He voted against both legalising same-sex marriage and lifting an abortion ban.

Wycombe Liberal Democrats equality spokesperson Felicity Hazelgreen said she was “overjoyed” at the result of the vote, but “saddened” at the way Mr Baker had voted.

She said: “We are saddened that Steve Baker MP didn’t support this vital freedom for the citizens of Northern Ireland, as they have been consistently let down by their own politicians on this issue.

“The Liberal Democrats believe in absolute equality and so pushed through the same-sex marriage laws for Great Britain while in government in 2013.

“Mr Baker voted against same-sex marriage then too - it is a shame to see that he hasn’t rethought his stance since then, even though many of his colleagues have.”

In response, Mr Baker said he was “relaxed” about the issue of same-sex marriage.

He told the Bucks Free Press: “Powers are devolved to the nations of the UK and I voted to respect that settlement. I'm relaxed about same sex marriage, which my overall voting record reflects."

Meanwhile, Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve, Aylesbury MP David Lidington and Chesham and Amersham MP Dame Cheryl Gillan did not vote on same-sex marriage.

Mr Grieve and Mrs Gillan also did not vote on the abortion amendment, but Mr Lidington joined Mr Baker in voting against it.