THREE new street wardens are taking to the town centre roads in a bid to crack down on anti-social behaviour amid years of complaints about begging and drinking.

Antisocial behaviour, including hostile begging and street drinking, has plagued the streets of the town centre for more than a year and a half – prompting Wycombe District Council (WDC) to blast Thames Valley Police for not “stepping up” to help tackle the problem in December 2017.

Cllr Lesley Clarke previously told how “aggressive” beggars who spend their day on the streets collecting “£80 or £90” from various passing shoppers are then walking into shops and asking workers to change up their coins into notes.

Meanwhile, Cllr Arif Hussain said families are actively avoiding Frogmoor and surrounding areas and businesses are “suffering badly” because of the issues.

The new full-time rangers will work in partnership with a town ranger hired by HWBIDCo, Thames Valley Police and other support agencies to try and clamp down on the problems.

WDC says the wardens will provide a “reassuring, visible presence in the community”, as well as helping to deter crime and anti-social behaviour.

They will also be able to take enforcement action if needed, handing out fixed penalty notices to those breaking the rules put in place by the Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) that aim to curb bad behaviour.

Cllr Graham Peart BEM, cabinet member for community, said: “Our new street wardens are a very welcome addition to the Wycombe community. Do say hello if you spot them, and do let them know if you see any anti-social behaviour.”

The employment on the new street wardens is part of WDC’s plan to tackle bad behaviour and improve the town centre.

The council is also planning to launch a campaign about street begging – involving posters, banners, social media and radio adverts in a bid to “educate” the public and encourage them not to hand over cash to those asking for money.